Welcome to Gaslimpo website | 20 May 2024

Gaslimpo, Sociedade de Desgasificação de Navios, SA , was created on July 7th 1967 with the objective of running, cleaning and degasification stations and to provide analogous services in industrial sites or others.

However, after 1980, completed the phase of exploring the cleaning stations known as "PRAIS" which cycle was developed until 1976, Gaslimpo decided to begin a new phase in the Industrial Safety and Cathodic Protection sectors, hence creating two new business departments.

The Gas Free Department which aims are:

  • To assure the safety of the people and materials in potentially hazardous confined spaces in ships and industrial facilities.
  • To issue Gas Free certificates.
  • To issue Hot Work permits.

These aims require actions such as:

  • Testing for toxic, flammable and asphyxiating gases.
  • Risk assessment in potentially hazardous confined spaces for Hot Works.
  • Supervision and safety control during risk prone operations, namely: Fuel Transfers, Inertizations Washing, Degasification and Cleaning of ship's tanks or other confined spaces.

The Cathodic Protection Department which aims are:

  • The sale of zinc anodes (own brand "Cristal") and aluminium anodes (imported).
  • To develop Cathodic Protection projects for naval repairs and the general industry.

As a quality policy, and as a demand for its development, providing evidence for it, Gaslimpo has implemented from 1995, a Quality Assurance System which is certified by Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance. Gaslimpo's Quality Management System is and has been approved according to ISO 9001:2015.

From its creation, Gaslimpo promotes internally through its company culture, and externally through its customer relations, principles that envisage a level of excellence capable of constantly and consistently ensuring the satisfaction of all its customers.